Tuesdays with Ben Monster

The only live stream public access talk show thats hosted by a monster, a robot, and a man in the attic. Features strangers, VR, gags, and games.

Call TWBM at 402.785.8837


The only comedy horror podcast hosted by Ben Monster and Gabe. Watch and help rank the movies from the underdogs of horror.

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Monster League Gaming

Watch the Ben Monster TV squad get straight MLG with all the video games. From point and click adventures to First person shooters, the team will E-Sports Up any game.

ControlAltDeath Gaming

Watch Ben Monster and Gabe explore the spookiest and most diabolical horror games. Call in and drop some scary sounds in the chat that will make your hosts poop thier pants.

Keef M.D.

The nosey next door neighbor finally got his own show where you call in the talk to him about your ailments. Who knew he was a doctor?

Call Keef at 402.785.8837

the music.

A prolific enigmatic artist with a penchant for blood and breast milk. If you dig the Tuesdays with Ben Monster and Porn Dog Themes you better check them out!
A psychedelic master mind with unrelenting musical prowess. If you love the various character theme songs for Ben Monster TV and that killer Control Alt Death Intro Theme as well as his partner in music crime Damaris Holt, check him out!


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Porn Dogs

Unleash your inner sexual hound every full moon and romp through the internet with your tranformed Ben Monster TV team.

Movie Nights

Watch movies with your fellow Monster Squad mates in Ben Monster TV’s special watch parties.


Oh hi…Somehow you’ve stumbled upon our bio. We are as surprised as you are… like for real. But it sounds like you might be interested to learn more about the most important Live Stream Podcast Video Network Channel on the internet and local public access television.


Co-creator of Ben Monster TV, Co-host of Tuesdays with ben monster & ControlAltDeath

Ben loves sitting behind a good cartoon desk just talking to strangers on the internet, or talking horror movies with his buddies. He loves you, and cares about you.


Co-creator of Ben Monster TV, Co-host of ControlAltDeath & Keef M.D.

Gabe used to have a real job and now he plays games on the internet and talks about bad horror movies with his friends. He proudly wears plaid daily and would love to talk to you about the true size of Alf.


Co-creator of Ben Monster TV, Co-host of Tuesdays with ben monster & Wheels of Steel

Don got into this streaming thing to make dumb ideas a reality. And so long as his buds are on board and they’re laughing; he’ll be one happy robot. What! What!



Contact us for a good time:

402. 785. 8837

PO BOX 145
Brentwood, CA 94513